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Travian player informations about soyunluis - Alliance R™Bunker - Server:

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Player soyunluis Tribe Egyptian
Alliance R™Bunker    
Villages 20 Max. Inhabitants 15.07.2018 - 12479
Inhabitants 12479 Best rank 29.05.2018 - 49
Ø Inhabitants 623,95 Playtime 100 Days
Rank 89 of 803 visited alliances 1
Activity Inactive 7 Day-Forecast 12479 Inhabitants


soyunluis - R™Bunker - Server:

Date Rank Inhabitants Villages Alliance
12.07.2018 92 (-1) 12471 20 R™Bunker
13.07.2018 89 (+3) 12477 (+6) 20 R™Bunker
14.07.2018 89 12479 (+2) 20 R™Bunker
15.07.2018 89 12479 20 R™Bunker
16.07.2018 89 12479 20 R™Bunker
17.07.2018 89 12479 20 R™Bunker
18.07.2018 89 12479 20 R™Bunker
7 Days: +3 +8 +-0  
  Village Coordinates Inhabitants Rank
Attack Village Cal1 Isla View Village Cal1 Isla on ingame-map Send trader to Cal1 Isla Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Cal1 Isla (-145|116) 448 4299
Attack Village Cor1 Gold View Village Cor1 Gold on ingame-map Send trader to Cor1 Gold Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Cor1 Gold (-134|98) 692 2881
Attack Village Cor2 Oro View Village Cor2 Oro on ingame-map Send trader to Cor2 Oro Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Cor2 Oro (-134|99) 710 2774
Attack Village Cor3 Mina Dorada View Village Cor3 Mina Dorada on ingame-map Send trader to Cor3 Mina Dorada Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Cor3 Mina Dorada (-133|103) 661 3089
Attack Village Cor4 Barro Cuproso View Village Cor4 Barro Cuproso on ingame-map Send trader to Cor4 Barro Cuproso Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Cor4 Barro Cuproso (-131|100) 637 3268
Attack Village Hib1 Playa View Village Hib1 Playa on ingame-map Send trader to Hib1 Playa Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Hib1 Playa (-152|120) 349 4719
Attack Village Hyp1 Diamante View Village Hyp1 Diamante on ingame-map Send trader to Hyp1 Diamante Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Hyp1 Diamante (154|127) 1041 259
Attack Village Hyp2 Gold View Village Hyp2 Gold on ingame-map Send trader to Hyp2 Gold Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Hyp2 Gold (155|130) 804 2000
Attack Village Hyp3 Mina Dorada View Village Hyp3 Mina Dorada on ingame-map Send trader to Hyp3 Mina Dorada Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Hyp3 Mina Dorada (159|132) 766 2329
Attack Village Hyp4 Bosque Plateado View Village Hyp4 Bosque Plateado on ingame-map Send trader to Hyp4 Bosque Plateado Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Hyp4 Bosque Plateado (158|131) 864 1494
Attack Village Jer1 Platinum View Village Jer1 Platinum on ingame-map Send trader to Jer1 Platinum Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Jer1 Platinum (189|-147) 80 5738
Attack Village Jer3 Mina Plateada View Village Jer3 Mina Plateada on ingame-map Send trader to Jer3 Mina Plateada Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Jer3 Mina Plateada (189|-149) 769 2311
Attack Village Jer4 Barro Cuproso View Village Jer4 Barro Cuproso on ingame-map Send trader to Jer4 Barro Cuproso Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Jer4 Barro Cuproso (190|-147) 354 4706
Attack Village Jer6 Oro View Village Jer6 Oro on ingame-map Send trader to Jer6 Oro Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Jer6 Oro (188|-150) 154 5433
Attack Village Jer7 Manco View Village Jer7 Manco on ingame-map Send trader to Jer7 Manco Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Jer7 Manco (200|-151) 543 3862
Attack Village Sar1 Gold View Village Sar1 Gold on ingame-map Send trader to Sar1 Gold Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Sar1 Gold (146|81) 935 920
Attack Village Scy1 Gold View Village Scy1 Gold on ingame-map Send trader to Scy1 Gold Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Scy1 Gold (153|82) 793 2109
Attack Village Scy2 Oro View Village Scy2 Oro on ingame-map Send trader to Scy2 Oro Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Scy2 Oro (158|84) 726 2640
Attack Village The1 Gold View Village The1 Gold on ingame-map Send trader to The1 Gold Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
The1 Gold (166|-185) 180 5333
Attack Village Ven1 Gran Granero View Village Ven1 Gran Granero on ingame-map Send trader to Ven1 Gran Granero Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
Ven1 Gran Granero (137|97) 973 629

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