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Travian player informations about The Great Wall - Alliance LOQUILLO - Server:

Player-Informations - Player-History - Signatures

Player The Great Wall Tribe Roman
Alliance LOQUILLO    
Villages 17 Max. Inhabitants 01.06.2018 - 13247
Inhabitants 13135 Best rank 11.04.2018 - 11
Ø Inhabitants 772,65 Playtime 100 Days
Rank 79 of 803 visited alliances 1
Activity Inactive 7 Day-Forecast 13135 Inhabitants


The Great Wall - LOQUILLO - Server:

Date Rank Inhabitants Villages Alliance
12.07.2018 80 13135 17 LOQUILLO
13.07.2018 80 13135 17 LOQUILLO
14.07.2018 79 (+1) 13135 17 LOQUILLO
15.07.2018 79 13135 17 LOQUILLO
16.07.2018 79 13135 17 LOQUILLO
17.07.2018 79 13135 17 LOQUILLO
18.07.2018 79 13135 17 LOQUILLO
7 Days: +1 +-0 +-0  
  Village Coordinates Inhabitants Rank
Attack Village 00The Great Wall View Village 00The Great Wall on ingame-map Send trader to 00The Great Wall Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
00The Great Wall (-15|-5) 985 559
Attack Village 01Black Castle View Village 01Black Castle on ingame-map Send trader to 01Black Castle Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
01Black Castle (-74|21) 989 523
Attack Village 02King s Landing View Village 02King s Landing on ingame-map Send trader to 02King s Landing Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
02King s Landing (-75|19) 1137 66
Attack Village 03Winterfell View Village 03Winterfell on ingame-map Send trader to 03Winterfell Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
03Winterfell (-82|24) 985 556
Attack Village 04Night s Watch View Village 04Night s Watch on ingame-map Send trader to 04Night s Watch Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
04Night s Watch (-86|23) 947 826
Attack Village 05Dothraki View Village 05Dothraki on ingame-map Send trader to 05Dothraki Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
05Dothraki (-38|-115) 935 927
Attack Village 06Casterly Rock View Village 06Casterly Rock on ingame-map Send trader to 06Casterly Rock Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
06Casterly Rock (-37|-115) 871 1440
Attack Village 07Dragon Stone View Village 07Dragon Stone on ingame-map Send trader to 07Dragon Stone Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
07Dragon Stone (-83|22) 883 1340
Attack Village 08High Garden View Village 08High Garden on ingame-map Send trader to 08High Garden Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
08High Garden (-87|23) 864 1500
Attack Village 09Yunkai View Village 09Yunkai on ingame-map Send trader to 09Yunkai Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
09Yunkai (-100|75) 817 1885
Attack Village 10Bay of Dragons View Village 10Bay of Dragons on ingame-map Send trader to 10Bay of Dragons Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
10Bay of Dragons (-95|74) 849 1620
Attack Village 11The Bloody Gate View Village 11The Bloody Gate on ingame-map Send trader to 11The Bloody Gate Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
11The Bloody Gate (-141|66) 746 2484
Attack Village 12Storm`s End View Village 12Storm`s End on ingame-map Send trader to 12Storm`s End Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
12Storm`s End (-142|66) 759 2375
Attack Village 13SummerHall View Village 13SummerHall on ingame-map Send trader to 13SummerHall Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
13SummerHall (-141|84) 640 3236
Attack Village 14La Mentirosa View Village 14La Mentirosa on ingame-map Send trader to 14La Mentirosa Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
14La Mentirosa (-27|-97) 611 3444
Attack Village 15Engañadora View Village 15Engañadora on ingame-map Send trader to 15Engañadora Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
15Engañadora (-144|67) 67 5775
Attack Village 16 Los InacTivoS View Village 16 Los InacTivoS on ingame-map Send trader to 16 Los InacTivoS Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
16 Los InacTivoS (-143|68) 50 5862

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