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Travian inactive finder / farm finder -

Search for inactive travian-players.

Do not take it too serious. If the map.sql of travian is not up-to-date misinterpretations can occur.
(It is better to send a scout before attacking)
A player is counted as inactive when his score did not change for more than 4 days.
It can also happen that a player just builds troops 4 days long.
So be careful... :)

Search for inactive travian players. Enter coordinates.
Coordinates ( | )

Status Distance Coordinates Player Alliance Village Inhabitants Functions
Inactive 25 (55|-13) تلي B H روما 194 Attack Village   Center Map (Ingame)   Send trader
Under attack 27 (5|-29) Queen Mary Town 519 Attack Village   Center Map (Ingame)   Send trader
Inactive 28 (60|-29) syrian11 Paris 288 Attack Village   Center Map (Ingame)   Send trader
Inactive 30 (61|-31) syrian11 Berlin 238 Attack Village   Center Map (Ingame)   Send trader
Inactive 31 (62|-31) syrian11 Rome 92 Attack Village   Center Map (Ingame)   Send trader
Inactive 39 (2|-49) Bananafish BH CB.3 693 Attack Village   Center Map (Ingame)   Send trader
Inactive 33 (16|-53) Bananafish BH CB.6 549 (+2) Attack Village   Center Map (Ingame)   Send trader


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