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Travian player informations about N.H.W - Alliance TW - Server:

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Player N.H.W Tribe Teuton
Alliance TW    
Villages 19 Max. Inhabitants 25.10.2017 - 13491
Inhabitants 12907 Best rank 17.11.2017 - 17
Ø Inhabitants 679,32 Playtime 214 Days
Rank 17 of 723 visited alliances 3
Activity Inactive 7 Day-Forecast 12907 Inhabitants


N.H.W - TW - Server:

Date Rank Inhabitants Villages Alliance
13.11.2017 17 (+1) 12907 19 TW
14.11.2017 17 12907 19 TW
15.11.2017 17 12907 19 TW
16.11.2017 17 12907 19 TW
17.11.2017 17 12907 19 TW
18.11.2017 17 12907 19 TW
19.11.2017 17 12907 19 TW
7 Days: +-0 +-0 +-0  
  Village Coordinates Inhabitants Rank
Attack Village C12- soucrate View Village C12- soucrate on ingame-map Send trader to C12- soucrate Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C12- soucrate (-164|-153) 881 364
Attack Village C13- زيرو View Village C13- زيرو on ingame-map Send trader to C13- زيرو Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C13- زيرو (-176|-145) 913 273
Attack Village C14- بارسا وبس View Village C14- بارسا وبس on ingame-map Send trader to C14- بارسا وبس Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C14- بارسا وبس (-165|-148) 899 305
Attack Village C15- Iron man View Village C15- Iron man on ingame-map Send trader to C15- Iron man Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C15- Iron man (-168|-143) 889 334
Attack Village C16- zizo View Village C16- zizo on ingame-map Send trader to C16- zizo Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C16- zizo (-169|-143) 887 344
Attack Village C17- no banat View Village C17- no banat on ingame-map Send trader to C17- no banat Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C17- no banat (-165|-153) 851 448
Attack Village C18- das View Village C18- das on ingame-map Send trader to C18- das Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C18- das (-166|-151) 937 229
Attack Village C19- الساحق View Village C19- الساحق on ingame-map Send trader to C19- الساحق Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C19- الساحق (-167|-151) 800 597
Attack Village C20-alpa View Village C20-alpa on ingame-map Send trader to C20-alpa Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C20-alpa (-161|-153) 618 1237
Attack Village C21-brb View Village C21-brb on ingame-map Send trader to C21-brb Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C21-brb (-163|-148) 676 1055
Attack Village C22-Rechard View Village C22-Rechard on ingame-map Send trader to C22-Rechard Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C22-Rechard (-175|-154) 597 1301
Attack Village C23-DAMAR99 View Village C23-DAMAR99 on ingame-map Send trader to C23-DAMAR99 Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C23-DAMAR99 (-146|-159) 619 1232
Attack Village C24-مهموم View Village C24-مهموم on ingame-map Send trader to C24-مهموم Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C24-مهموم (-167|-170) 650 1147
Attack Village C25 View Village C25 on ingame-map Send trader to C25 Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
C25 (-159|-148) 435 1720
Attack Village war5 View Village war5 on ingame-map Send trader to war5 Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
war5 (-156|-155) 294 1928
Attack Village تم الاحتلال حذيفة View Village تم الاحتلال حذيفة on ingame-map Send trader to تم الاحتلال حذيفة Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
تم الاحتلال حذيفة (-168|-169) 521 1518
Attack Village دعم المعجزة View Village دعم المعجزة on ingame-map Send trader to دعم المعجزة Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
دعم المعجزة (-99|-102) 432 1721
Attack Village ساحقة الخونة View Village ساحقة الخونة on ingame-map Send trader to ساحقة الخونة Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
ساحقة الخونة (-177|-144) 939 220
Attack Village ما زبطت معك View Village ما زبطت معك on ingame-map Send trader to ما زبطت معك Activity-Check  Neighbourhood 
ما زبطت معك (-165|-154) 69 2099

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